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Fraternite Notre Dame in 2012

DPI - NGO Annual Report - 2012

here is an overview of Fraternite Notre Dame's activities for 2012, in relation to the United Nations and various UN agencies:

In 2012, Fraternite Notre Dame participated in various sessions of the Council on Human Rights in Geneva, with special attention drawn to the topic of discrimination and racism around the world, along with religious freedom.

This motivated Fraternite Notre Dame's intervention through some oral statements, made on Point # 9, whose theme is infringments of religious freedom, discrimination and racism, during the February 27 to March 27 and September 10-28, 2012 Sessions, when the organization voiced her point of view.

Fraternite Notre Dame's annual participation at the Sessions of the Council on Human Rights is always very enriching, through the contacts made with other international NGOs and diverse government representatives during the sessions.

In today's world, which is increasingly dominated by discord in communities, extremism and political interest, never has the need to unite in active and durable cooperation become so necessary.

Small innovative projects from the NGOs can influence the legislation, political forces and behaviors, and they contribute to breaking the silence that prevails on infringments of religious liberty, discrimination and racism around the world.

Fraternite Notre Dame's Missionary commitments:

Niger, Africa

Haiti, West Indies