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The Apparitions

"The Apparitions of
Our Lady in Le Frechou "

Our Lady to Most Reverend Bishop Jean Marie on June 10, 1977

"I am Mary, Mother of Mercy and Mother of the Church. I desire of my children to come here an a pilgrimage. I shall come on the first and fourteenth of each month... and I shall listen to the supplications of my people. My Divine Son has chosen this piece of land for me, so that I make my Mercy burst forth here. May this blessed Wood, which is from now on consecrated to me, be a place of prayer, penance and mercy."

While tears were running down Our Lady's face, Bishop Jean Marie asked her interiorly the reason for her tears. She answered him:

"I am weeping over the Church, over France and over the World."


Today, the Most Blessed Virgin Mary has been appearing for over 30 years to the Most Reverend Bishop Jean Marie.

30 years of signal graces, miracles, varied as well as numerous; 30 years which witnessed thousands and thousands of pilgrims, flocking in from around the world, coming and kneeling at the foot of the Immaculate One, in this little Forest, to present their supplications to Her. For they have put their trust in the words from this Good Mother:

"(...) I shall listen to the supplications of my people."

And She, the Faithful Virgin, kept her word. How many can testify to her motherly goodness, how many can attest to most astounding miracles, of which they have been the fortunate beneficiaries. And who has not shed tears of emotion during the Holy Mass of the Apparition?

When Heaven bends over the earth and opens up to let her benefit from its most precious treasure: the Admirable and Most Humble Virgin Mary, Queen of Angels of men: how moving it is for he, who has been chosen to be Her Confidant, Bishop Jean Marie.
It is like a moment of Eternity, which envelops the earth in a very specific time.

And the humble people just cannot be wrong about it. They recognize and feel, within their innermost, that Mary Immaculate visits the earth. But there are unspeakable emotions, inner feelings. You have to experience them, be part of them to comprehend. You have to be there in person, at the feet of this Good Mother to touch that something so difficult to catch, to taste this rest of the heart, in this humble haven of peace.

It is little Elodie, age 6, who comes and thanks Our Lady of Frechou for having healed her legs. Indeed, her knees were so close to each other that she could hardly walk. Now, as soon as she arrived at the blessed Forest's entrance, she, her mother and grandmother realized that her legs were quite straight, with no longer any abnormality!

Didier, Bridget and many others, as for them, had the grace to contemplate the Holy Face in the host during the Holy Mass of the Apparition.
A completely disabled pilgrim, who could move but on a wheel chair, suddenly recovered full usage of her legs on a 14th, during Holy Mass.
Also this young couple, so tearful because of their baby's blindness, and who could not contain their joy when they observed the complete cure of their dear child.
Another pilgrim, affected with breast cancer, after having applied the Medal of Mercy (given by Our Lady of Frechou) to the sick area on her body, learnt with the next medical visit that her disease has completely disappeared, and she noticed at the same time that the medal had left an imprint on her flesh.

In Niger, Africa, a man with his hand completely infected, quite willingly had it anointed by one of our Nuns with the blessed oil from Frechou, came back triumphant the next day: his hand totally healed.

How many, who had not come near the Sacraments for over 25, or even 30 years, felt a deep desire to be heard in confession and frequent the Church again, in short: to start over a worthier life. Numerous persons, affected with serious illnesses, after they had come and prayed at the blessed Forest, discovered with their doctors that the illness had entirely disappeared.

So many and many other miracles have happened over 30 years, and each new 14th of the month is a source of graces for all the pilgrims, and each one leaves for home again with peace of heart: and this is already a miracle!

Of course, all Apparitions, recognized or unrecognized, are not a dogma of faith. Each individual is free to believe in them or not. As for us, we are deeply convinced of the visits of Our Lord and the Blessed Virgin Mary to this patch of land at Frechou. And that is why we, Friars and Nuns, Servants of Our Lady, have become Religious people in this Congregation, requested by Our Lady to her Confidant.
And for us, being able to live under the leadership of such a Father and Founder truly is the greatest of joys. We know and assert that: we have chosen the best share. Now, you also may, if you feel the Call, experience this same grace, in the same joy.

For 30 years, our Congregation has been growing, and today we are present in the United States, France, Haiti, Martinique, Niger, Cameroon… and soon in other countries, ever seeking the salvation of souls, at the service of the poorest of the poor and those most underprivileged.

Sister Marie Virginie + snd