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Shrine of the Ecce Homo

Frost is scintillating on the tilled soil. Trees stand out in brown and sepia. The sky's blue color seems to lead to infinite dimensions. Autumn is now unfolding it's splendors. The Christ is King...

A building in the fields. A chapel, standing high, crowned with dark tiles; a steeple, and a bell.

In the golden October dales, two angels are watching by the Queen of Heaven: Our Lady of Frechou, in white marble, rises clearly against the emerging sun. The Christ is King...

Pilate had told Him: "Therefore, Thou art a King". And He replied: "Thou sayest it, I am a King." But a king suffering, crowned with thorns, presented to the infuriated crowd, with these words: "Ecce Homo". Behold the man. -The Man-God.

Let us not be afraid of this King! Let us not grow tense, for He is a King of love. Let us go and console Him in His Shrine there, in Northern Illinois, built by the Servants and Handmaids of Our Lady, out of love for Him, to render Him love for love.

"Because out of love it is, that He suffered so much."

Let us enter the Shrine. Jesus awaits us there. He promised choice graces there.

The building was built after some revelations. -After revelations? -Indeed. But why should this surprise you, when you know and see how many people the devil inspires today, how he leads the dance in our age; why would Jesus on His side keep silent?

He wanted to manifest Himself to Most Reverend Bishop Jean Marie. He asked him to erect this Shrine that we might honor in particular this episode in His Passion when Our Lord was presented to the crowd, when He was abandoned by his near and dear, except His Most Holy Mother, who looked at Him with love, filled with compassion for His sufferings, from the body as well as from the heart: "Ecce Homo".

Our age so much needs to meditate on this passage...

Come, do come and engage in a heart to heart with the Savior. Come, when the Bishop is so solemnly celebrating Mass there...

Come, when the setting sun embraces with its beams the stained-glass windows realized by two little Sisters, namely, Mistress of Novices Mother Marie Faustina and Sister Marie Fabienne. Light splashes in gold over the grand altarpiece. The rose-window circle surrounds the little angels with light. Jesus is calling us to worship. The Christ is King.

In this shrine, made with solid stones, you will find the art displayed in European churches, with marbles, columns and finished timber roof structure. The organ will sing for you baroque tones. You will be kind of stepping out of time, far from the noise, far from the world, and the Second Person of the Godhead will reveal Himself in His miraculous painting:

Jesus of Nazareth; Ecce Homo. His royal mantle of purple color will seduce you and perhaps, you will be granted the grace, as it happened to a few, to see him vivid, smiling at you...

In this peaceful area, in Northern Illinois, far from dins, far from men, Christ is waiting for you. From there in Her crypt, the Immaculate Virgin will grant you her graces. She will console you from your sorrows. The Servants and Handmaids of Our Lady are also waiting for you. They pray and hope for this moment when you will go through those doors...

This blessed place, this "nest of love", you should not neglect. Come into Peace. The Christ is King.

Written on the Feast of Christ the King, in 2010

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