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Shrine of the Ecce Homo

"It is out of love that I have so much suffered"

Notre Dame Monastery : Marengo, IL

During Holy Week in 2001, while the Ecce Homo picture was exposed, Our Lord made the following promises to Most Reverend Bishop Jean Marie.

Our Lord Himself requested to have Mother Marie Faustina, snd. paint a picture to honor his Sorrowful Passion and record this terrible moment when Pilate abandoned him to be crucified.

Our Lord to Most Reverend Bishop Jean Marie,
Friday May 26th, 2006:

-Tel all those who will participate, directly or indirectly, in the building of my Shrine (after a moment of silence, Our Lord went on, saying):

"I promise them the special grace to come with my Most Holy Mother and comfort them in the difficulties and sufferings of life, but also at the hour of death, reassuring them about the Eternal and Blessed Life that is awaiting them... This Shrine will be a real "nest of love" where I shall come and rest from the blasphemies and ingratitude the actual world overwhelms me with by renewing my sorrowful Passion. In these times of ignominy I shall spread profusely into it choice graces upon those who will come and kneel in front of my Holy Image, acknowledging me as the Only Savior of the world, true God and true Man, born of the Virgin Mary, She who is Blessed among all women..." 

Shrine of the Ecce Homo: Ordinations
Our Lord was speaking of the Chapel under construction; the Chapel is now complete, it was consecrated in memory of His Sorrowful Passion:

"This Chapel will be a place of Mercy for all the Nations.
A Place of peace for those who are tormented, a place where sinners wil be enveloped in my Love; a place where priests and the consecrated will feel the special love I have for them, because I am already there with my Most Holy Mother"

June 14, 2007

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