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Financial Aid

Financial Aid

Fraternite Notre Dame lives on the donations it receives from other organizations, foundations and private individuals, made to pursue the work started. Such donations are used to pay for the erection or refection of a building, cover various utilities costs, such as water, electricity, heating...

Again, they are used to purchase food and/or various supplies for the soup kitchens, schools, orphanages, health centers, and the hospital, school fees for very poor children...

Field trips organized for disadvantaged children; expenses related to the vehicles (automobiles, vans and trucks).

You are aware that nothing can be done without money, and even though there are no salaries involved with the religious people at Fraternite Notre Dame's, there are however many bills to be paid, for each project means large costs, including building materials.

Just think for a minute about the joy you may feel and blessings you may receive, for having been charitable enough to pay for the energy bill of a work that takes care of disadvantaged children, purchase a vehicle to offer them some outings or contribute to setting up a welcome center for the poorest of the poor and the starving.

Know also that through your charity, you have helped the Work of God, that with every hour elapsing there is a religious Friar or Nun praying for his/her benefactors, and that, in this way, reminding God of such or such person's goodness towards us, He bestows a host of blessings upon you, protects your families and looks at you with tenderness, because you have had a tender heart for all those who suffer.

Please do not hesitate, grab the phone, inquire about it, act and let your heart do the rest!


Send your donations to:
Fraternite Notre Dame
502 N. Central Avenue Chicago, IL 60644 – USA

Or contact us here...

make us known

To you, the reader of these few lines: if you are unable to help us financially, in kind or as a volunteer, at least, make us known to those around you and take upon yourself to give to others the opportunity to support a Work consecrated to God for the alleviation of the destitute.

becomimg a volunteer

Volunteerism is very important in the bosom of Fraternite Notre Dame, because it allows any person to better understand the extreme poverty and suffering of the poorest of the poor, and gives him/her an opportunity to help a greater number of poor people.

becomimg a member of fraternite notre dame

To help Fraternite Notre Dame, if you feel attracted by the religious or sacerdotal vocation, so to give yourself entirely to Christ and Mary Immaculate for the benefit of Holy Church, the vocation of praising God and serving the poor by practicing the Holy Gospel, please join us.