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Holy Angels

Holy Scripture tells us on several occasions about the Angels of God. God gave us the Angels as protectors, defenders and messengers. Let us not neglect their company. Angels are always penetrated with the light of God's Love.

We, the Priests, Friars and Nuns Servants of Our Lady, honor Holy Angels, we invoke them and request them for help in our spiritual and temporal matters, for the Angels are messengers from God and live in full communion with him. Therefore, we put our trust in their blessed protection.

Angels are watching; Angels protect us against the attacks of the demons and help us in temptations.
Our Guardian Angels are truly our friends, our brothers to whom we can entrust our thanksgivings and requests, so they may bring them before the throne of God. Each year, we celebrate the feast of Saint Michael the Archangel and renew our consecration to his person.

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Our Lady

You have to pray more to your Guardian Angels, and pay much more attention to them. If you knew how much they love you!
Pray a great deal, pray unceasingly, thus peace will be with you, it will no longer depart from you..."

(Our Lady to Father Jean Marie,
April 14, 1990)

Saint Jerome

"So great is the dignity of souls that each one, as soon as she is born, has an angel commissioned to her guard".

Saint Jerome 347 - 30 September 420
(Commentary on Saint Matthew)

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Saint Bernard

"The Angel of God accompanies us by his presence, he honors us with his benevolence, he loves us, helps and protects us.
Let us never forget his presence, may this heavenly prince never have to blush because of us! Let us never do a single thing that we would not dare do in presence of our father, mother, etc. for everywhere at all times, our Guardian Angel is there. His presence is all tenderness and all love."

Saint Bernard 1090 - August 20, 1153