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The Divine Office

Divine Office

We, Friars and Nuns, Servants of Our Lady are first of all men and women of prayer, for it is in prayer that we draw all the strength necessary to worthily perform the duty of our state. In accordance with the Church's desires, the Friars and Nuns, Servants of Our Lady recite the Divine Office four times a day: Lauds, Sext, Vespers and Compline...

The Holy Hour

Holy Hour

The Holy Hour is a practice eminently oriented towards reparation, it finds its origin in the apparitions of Our Lord to saint Marguerite Marie Alacoque.
Therefore, the purpose of the Holy Hour is to unite us to the feelings of the Heart of Jesus, dying in the Garden of Olives, and pray in a spirit of reparation to console the Divine Master.

The Holy Rosary

Holy Rosary

The Rosary is the Credo turned into prayer.
Cardinal Newman - 1864


The prayer of the Holy Rosary, or "Psalter of Our Lady" is from popular origin. It is like an echo to the great liturgical prayer of the Church.

The Way of the Cross

Way of the Cross

Lord Jesus, at the thought that You, the Innocent one, hast been condemned to death because of our sins, I unite to the Virgin of Sorrows who, knowing that thou wert in the hands of thy ennemies, repeated, deep into Her Heart, these words which touched Thy Father: "My God, let thy will be done, not mine"

The Holy Eucharist

Holy Eucharist

The Most Blessed Eucharist is the Real Presence of Our Lord Jesus Christ in the Host, with his Body, his Soul and his Divinity.
Now, it is thanks to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, through the Priest, that Our Lord gives himself to us. Participation in the Eucharistic Sacrifice is a true meeting with the Risen Christ.