Fraternite Notre Dame | MISSIONS

The Mother House: Chicago, Illinois

Chicago: Illinois

Fraternite Notre Dame has its Mother House in Chicago, Illinois, with a Novitiate/Seminary for religious Friars and future priests, and a Novitiate for religious Nuns.
Fraternite Notre Dame's church is located on:
502 North Central Avenue
Chicago, Illinois 60644.USA

Shrine of the Ecce Homo: Marengo, Illinois

Marengo: Illinois

This Chapel will be a place of Mercy for all the Nations. A Place of peace for those who are tormented, a place where sinners wil be enveloped in my Love; a place where priests and the consecrated will feel the special love I have for them, because I am already there with my Most Holy Mother.

The Shrine of the Ecce Homo is located on:
10002 Harmony Hill Road
Marengo, IL 60152

The Wood of Our Lady

Le Frechou: France

Forty years ago, the tiny village of 'Le Fréchou', hardly bigger than a hamlet, South West of France, became the first cradle of our dear Religious Order...

New York City: NY

New York City: NY

For 20 years, Fraternite Notre Dame has been working in East Harlem, New York City, on First Avenue between 117th and 118th Streets.
God alone knows how many poor people Most Reverend Bishop Jean Marie and the Religious Priests, Brothers and Sisters of Fraternite Notre Dame have fed from this humble place in perpetual activity.

San Francisco: California

San Francisco: CA

At the 'Mary of Nazareth' Soup Kitchen, Our Sisters serve a good, hot meal to 300 persons per day, from 11:30 am to 1:30 pm:

"The number of poor people increased at the Soup kitchen, we now feed more than 300 of them every day; we welcome more and more new ones and they are younger and younger...

Niamey: Niger

Niamey: Niger

On December 8th, 1996, Most Reverend Bishop Jean Marie, Founder of Fraternite Notre Dame, founded our Mission in Niger, a vast, landlocked country in West Africa, of which three quarters are occupied by the desert that encroaches each year a little further over the land.

Western Circumscription: Haïti

Western Circumscription: Haiti

Fraternite Notre Dame has been working in Haiti for more than 17 years: a school, orphanage, health care center, food distribution for malnourished children and breast-feeding mothers, help for agriculture and various community projects...

Western Circumscription: Haïti

Peoria: Illinois

For over a year, Fraternite Notre Dame has been active in Peoria, IL at the service of the less fortunate. Meals-on-wheels are carried out on a weekly basis, and a Food Pantry Service. Divine Providence guided us to find and acquire a monastery with its church and outbuildings...

Western Circumscription: Haïti

Wisconsin: USA

For the past few years, Fraternite Notre Dame has settled in Southwestern Wisconsin to establish a Hermitage, allowing her Religious to recollect and strengthen themselves spiritually, while taking care of the farm (our hermits live there, in silence, prayer and work). In fall of 2017, Bishop Jean Marie inaugurated a small church with its outbuildings, that we built to welcome visitors and offer help to the less fortunate.