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News from an Expedition in Alabama

Posted by FND Religious forces on Saturday June 4th, 2011


This past Wednesday, May 4th, Most Reverend Bishop Jean Marie sent four religious from Fraternite Notre Dame to the State of Alabama, to bring help to the disaster victims of the terrible tornadoes, which took place lately.

Gallery: Alabma Tornado Victims May 2011Photo Gallery: Alabma Tornado Victims, May 2011

Alabama Tornado Victims!

Posted by the Sisters of Fraternite Notre Dame on Friday May 6, 2011

Rapidly Loading Life-Saving Supplies & Clothing for Alabama Tornado Victims!

His Excellency Bishop Jean Marie did not take long to react and initiate actions towards helping all these families, that in a flash, found themselves homeless and deprived of everything they had! His fatherly heart does not resist a single second when facing the suffering of others: he immediately set to the task with his religious priests, friars and nuns, preparing clothes, food and other life-saving supplies, packing all what is necessary in such an emergency situation. Our Religious people are experienced in this type of event and quickly they get busy pooling it all together in no time. Now, long hours of driving are in store for them. They will not waste any precious minute, for so many people have turned unfortunate in the disaster, and they are left helpless amidst their destroyed homes or work places.

Gallery: Alabma Tornado VictimsPhoto Gallery: Alabma Tornado Victims

Chicago. With Flakes.

Posted by the Sister of Fraternite Notre Dame in Chicago on Sunday February 6, 2011

Sunday February 6. It looks like an ordinary winter morning in Chicago; snow is falling. We still try to recover from the Feb. 2nd giant blizzard that choke the large City under a heavy blanket of snow. Many streets are still buried. White mounds line up along the barely visible sidewalks. Moving from place to place is still quite a challenge...