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News from an Expedition in Alabama


Posted by FND Religious forces on Saturday June 4, 2011

This past Wednesday, May 4th, Most Reverend Bishop Jean Marie sent four religious from Fraternite Notre Dame to the State of Alabama, to bring help to the disaster victims of the terrible tornadoes, which took place lately.

First of all, in Chicago, the sisters and brothers contacted their acquaintances and were able to fill two trucks with various humanitarian items. Thanks to the generosity of several churches, groups or individual benefactors, the funds collected were sufficient to cover the expenses of truck rental and gasoline.

Thus, a priest, a brother and two little sisters left and worked tirelessly for the distribution of food products and first aid items. Their passage was extremely appreciated.

Helping these people edified the religious brothers and sisters, because these people have a great faith and were not at all revolted, although they had lost everything. On the contrary, they thank God to have kept them alive.

They had a great spirit of sharing. For example, when they already had soap, they did not take any, so that others could benefit from it. They called one of the tornadoes "God's Hands". Indeed, people could see clearly in the sky two huge hands of wind joining together. Movies and pictures taken by some people can testify about it.

A three-year-old little boy was found 24 hours after the disaster, under the rubble of his house whose roof had completely collapsed. The little boy had taken refuge in the freezer! When the first-aid workers arrived, they removed the beams from the roof and the sheet rocks walls, which covered the freezer and opened it by chance. Then, the child stood up. He said that a nice man with large wings had put him in this freezer and this nice man slept with the child in the freezer for 24 hours!!!

Marvelous protection from the angels…

The tornadoes struck mercilessly, but also avoided places without apparent reason. These 3 nearby houses can testify to it! This one to the right literally flew away. People did not find any single chunk from it. Everything disappeared into a thousand little crumbs. All left in thousand pieces. That one to the left flew away in the same way. But the one in the middle remained intact. It just made a jump of 100 feet. Nothing was broken inside, not even a chandelier! All was intact inside the house.

Another surprising fact, which shows us the protection from the next world: A UPS deliveryman was doing his deliveries right before the tornado. His daughter quickly called him and told him: "Dad, stop your truck and find shelter somewhere, a tornado is coming!"

The man left his truck and took refuge under a bridge. He wanted to grab with his hands the bars that were fixed under the bridge, in order to avoid being blown away. But the bars were bigger than his arms and he could not get it. At that moment, he sensed somebody behind him, who grabbed the two bars for him and tightened him against the bridge to prevent him from flying away. When the tornado was gone, the UPS deliveryman turned over to thank his savior, but there was nobody behind him… His protector was undoubtedly a resident from Heaven, quite real however, and very efficient!

The Good God strikes and He protects. Secrets of God; Divine Will in front of which one should only bow. Let us pray for all these poor people who have lost everything and still suffer from the consequences of these terrible events.

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