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Chicago. With Flakes.


Posted by the Sister of Fraternite Notre Dame in Chicago on Sunday February 6, 2011

Sunday February 6. It looks like an ordinary winter morning in Chicago; snow is falling. We still try to recover from the Feb. 2nd giant blizzard that choke the large City under a heavy blanket of snow. Many streets are still buried. White mounds line up along the barely visible sidewalks. Moving from place to place is still quite a challenge.

But today we did not expect to get a new white storm! 6:30am and all available forces at our Nun's convent get ready to remove the snow and spread salt.

Starting with sidewalks around the church. After a good while, we brace up to 'face' the Church's parking lot: it just looks so discouragingly wide and large, for the cotton-like layer grew thicker really...

Available hands now happen to be just the two of us, but the heavy flakes continue pouring down, and we comment to each other that never will we make it all on time for Mass: our aim indeed was to have it all done by the 10 o'clock Sunday High Mass.

All of a sudden though, a van from the City of Chicago Street & Sanitation Department gently pulls up and stops close to us on the avenue.

From it come out several City employees, wearing their specific clothes, fitted with large snow shovels, and without a word, they start immediately doing our work! We just cannot believe our eyes. Six strong men in all, and a lady in charge of the group; they are here indeed. Removing the snow for us. In a mere half hour, the whole parking area is clear!

This is truly great charity that prompted them to come. They were doing their job, also working with the snow elsewhere, and they caught a glimpse of us doing the same, and they had pity on us. They asked their Superintendent permission to come and help. We thanked them warmly.

This truly proved to be a vivid example of kindness, on this 5th Sunday after the Epiphany, when St Paul reminds us that above all things, there is charity, which is the bond of perfection. Blessed be God!