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Shrine of the Ecce Homo

Prayer to Our Lord in His Passion

Notre Dame Monastery : Marengo, IL

Jesus Christ, true God and true Man, born of the Virgin Mary, who didst suffer so much in Thy Passion out of love for us, we remember this extreme suffering when Pilate abandoned Thee to the infuriated crowd, saying: "Ecce Homo: Behold the Man you are demanding to have crucified. I wash my hands of this."

Lord Jesus, Thou, the Man of Sorrows, the only consolation Thou wert given then was seeing, in the midst of this crowd, Thy Most Holy Mother, looking at Thee with love, her eyes filled with tears because She compassionated with Thy sufferings, both from the heart and from the body. 

Ecce Homo, Thou truly art the Man of Sorrows foretold by the Prophets, who didst come to save the world by shedding Thy most Precious Blood. Jesus, we love Thee for those who do not love Thee and we adore Thee for those who refuse to adore Thee. In the name of Thy sorrowful Passion and the sufferings of Thy Most Holy Mother, we beseech Thee to grant us the graces that we currently need on this day… Amen

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