Fraternite Notre Dame | What is Fraternite Notre Dame

What is Fraternite Notre Dame?

"No one has greater love than this, to lay down one's life for those one loves"

Saint John 15:13

Fraternite Notre Dame is a Traditional Catholic Religious Order, made of bishops, priests, deacons, religious friars, missionary or contemplative religious nuns. None of these perceive a salary.

Founded in 1977 by Bishop Jean Marie, who received a divine inspiration to do so, we can even say, an urgent request from the Blessed Virgin Mary Herself. This founding occurred in a very troubled period of time, when society was greatly upset, as a response for a spiritual renewal.

Bishop Jean Marie opened many religious houses throughout the world, to help most destitute people and those who suffer: North America, the Caribbean, Africa, Europe, Asia and more. As a Religious Order, Fraternite Notre Dame and its members bring, along with the example of their Bishop Founder, the Most Reverend Jean Marie, a vivid response in the way of living one's faith, and for the cult which is owed to God in the pure tradition of the Church, knowing how to harmoniously ally various modern means of communication, to the benefit of Tradition and the apostolate.

As a Religious Order again, Fraternite Notre Dame and its members put the Gospel into practice, by performing charitable works: soup kitchens, hospitals, schools, orphanages, aid to families and so on.
Whom does it turn to? It turns to everyone, with no distinction of race, class, sex or creed.

Who does it work with? It works with any organization or religious denomination, as long as help is provided to the least ones and to the poor, for it wants to be an Instrument of Peace, comprehension and unity with everyone.