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The Way of the Cross

" My God, let Thy will be done, not mine "

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Fraternite Notre Dame & The Way of the Cross

Lord Jesus, at the thought that You, the Innocent one, hast been condemned to death because of our sins, I unite to the Virgin of Sorrows who, knowing that thou wert in the hands of thy ennemies, repeated, deep into Her Heart, these words which touched Thy Father:

"My God, let thy will be done, not mine"

Is not it at the foot of the cross, in this book written with blood that all the saints and all generous souls have learnt how to become acquainted, love and follow Jesus and Mary?

Pope Benedict XIV declared "of all the practices of devotion to the Passion of Our Lord, the way of the cross is the most efficient to convert sinners, restore fervor to the indifferent and perfect it in the righteous."

The Way of the cross includes 14 Stations, which represent the most salient moments in the Passion of Our Lord, since his condemnation to death until his burial. With Our Lady, we follow Our Lord all along the way that led him to Golgotha, and we meditate upon each station, while imploring mercy for the faithful departed.

In the Way of the Cross we find comfort in trials, and even Saint Leonard de Port Maurice assures us "that the practice of the Way of the Cross is a very efficient way against private or public calamities."


When meditating on the Way of the cross, we cannot forget the Compassion of Our Lady and her mediation, for Mary undoubtedly had a secondary share in the mystery of Redemption, but however, real and quite extraordinary. 

"We adore Thee O Christ and we bless Thee;
Because by thy Holy Cross Thou hast redeemed the World" 

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