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Make the Work Known

Making Fraternite Notre Dame's Works known around you.

To you, the reader of these few lines: if you are unable to help us financially, in kind or as a volunteer, at least, make us known to those around you and take upon yourself to give to others the opportunity to support a Work consecrated to God for the alleviation of the destitute.

(You may request us for our free Newsletter, either the current or former issues, to make us known).

For, there are persons who would like to help but have lost confidence.

There are persons who would like to share and have found no one to give to.

There are persons who would like to dedicate themselves to a cause but do not know where to turn.

Enlighten them, let them know, God shall reward you a hundredfold! Thank you for answering this urgent appeal!

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To help Fraternite Notre Dame, if you feel attracted by the religious or sacerdotal vocation, so to give yourself entirely to Christ and Mary Immaculate for the benefit of Holy Church, the vocation of praising God and serving the poor by practicing the Holy Gospel, please join us.

financial aid

Fraternite Notre Dame lives on the donations it receives from other organizations, foundations and private individuals, made to pursue the work started. Such donations are used to pay for the erection or refection of a building, cover various utilities costs, such as water, electricity, heating…

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Volunteerism is very important in the bosom of Fraternite Notre Dame, because it allows any person to better understand the extreme poverty and suffering of the poorest of the poor, and gives him/her an opportunity to help a greater number of poor people.