New York City, NY
United States of America

This House was initiated with a search for a place to start a Soup Kitchen, where the poor would be given food. All the services provided by Fraternite Notre Dame's members are free of charge. Over a period of 10 years, without including the Food Pantry Service helping needy families, Fraternite Notre Dame has offered about (75,000 in 1996) one million free meals!

What we do in New York:


1- Soup Kitchen Service: an average of 300 free meals are served five days a week

2- Meals on Wheels Program: in the streets of New York City; about 250 meals a week

3- Meals brought to persons in their apartments: those afflicted with AIDS, the elderly, or people experiencing difficulties

4- Everyday, thanks to a truck offered by Manhattan's Rotary Club, we are able to extend our activities while performing various pick ups of more donated food, clothes and furniture

5- Food Pantry Service on Saturdays, helping more than 250 families

6- Referrals to other organizations that provide complementary services, for people going through difficult times, to help them play a role in society again

7- Every month, we celebrate the birthdays of poor kids who live in the area of the Soup Kitchen

8- Every year at Christmas, we offer over 1,200 gifts to the children in our neighborhood during a special Christmas snack

Same thing is done for a group of mentally retarded and handicapped kids in our area

10- Several times a week, visits to families in difficulty, to bring them food and friendship, and soften their many family problems

11- Clothing and furniture distributions to families in need

12- For great holidays, such as Thanksgiving, Christmas, etc., we provide special meals to Veterans in our area

13- We get help from volunteers of every background: Interact, Rotaract and the Rotary Club, young people from various schools, Cadets from West Point Military School and young cadets from Harlem, individual volunteers, YSOP work force, etc.

14- Fraternite Notre Dame's members also volunteer at Goldwater-Coler Memorial Hospital, where they offer their help, on a regular basis, in the wards reserved to people afflicted with AIDS

15- Every Tuesday, a Nun assures French classes in Sing Sing Correctional Facility, visits the patients in the Jail's hospital, conducts a choir of inmates and prepares for the annual Christmas celebration, when a snack and some gifts are offered to the prisoners.

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